The US-based chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry recently expanded its strategic plans and is now also specialized in the development and synthesis of organic silicon products. With a professional team and advanced equipment, the company launches varieties of custom synthetic silane coupling agents for clients both at home and abroad.

Silane coupling agents are an important additive in industrial production. Combining the characteristics of both organic materials and inorganic materials, silane coupling agents can help improve the age performance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance of the material, and thus playing an important role in multiple fields such as construction industry, textile industry, biochemistry, and environmental protection. Currently, the two most popular silane coupling agents are 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane and 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane.

“Fully aware of the huge prospects of silane coupling agents, our scientific team is now committed to the synthesis and providing of a wide range of competitive, high-quality silane coupling agents. Meanwhile, services like functional design, production and customization of required products are also available. Our synthesis cycle is relatively short and our quality assurance system will ensure the products comply with standards and regulations,” commented one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry.

Owing to their excellent properties, silane coupling agents are widely used in many fields. Firstly, they can be used for surface treatment to improve the adhesion and mechanical properties of the product. Secondly, they can also be used for filling with plastic to enhance the dispersion, adhesion, compatibility and electrical properties of the filler. Thirdly, they are used as the tackifier for sealants, adhesives and coatings as well.

Featured services

  • Production customization of silane coupling agent
  • Detection of silane coupling agent products
  • Performance evaluation of silane coupling agent products

In addition to silane coupling agents, Alfa Chemistry also focuses on the customized synthesis of many other organic silicon products, such as HOMSi reagents, organic silane, organosilicic acid, silanols and silanolates, silicon adsorbent, silazane, silicone, silicone oil, siloxane and silylimidazole. Please visit to learn more.

About Alfa Chemistry

With a customer-centered spirit and via continuous innovation, Alfa Chemistry is a chemical company that can customize products according to customer needs. The process of customizing products includes consulting, signing contracts, synthetic route design, product synthesis, product quality testing, issuing product information reports, and mailing samples. Organic silicons now have huge potentials, for instance, the use of silane coupling agents has been expanded to glass production and the rubber industry.

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