Philadelphia, PA – Filing for bankruptcy in Pennsylvania isn’t always the best option since bankruptcy law is complicated, depending on an individual’s income, debt, assets, and other factors. The attorneys at Cibik Law, P.C. understand the stress of filing bankruptcy, and this is why Michael A. Cibik and his team of legal professionals strive to create a comfortable, safe, and honest environment for clients across the board who need help navigating their finances. Once a client chooses the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer to discuss their debt-relief options, they’re taken through the bankruptcy process to ensure that they feel confident about their decisions. 

Cibik Law, P.C. helps individuals and businesses eliminate part or all of their overwhelming debt. The attorneys focus on Chapter7 bankruptcy services for clients struggling to pay their bills. After filing a petition, the court liquidates a client’s assets and uses the money from the sales to pay creditors. The bankruptcy lawyer also helps clients to properly file for an exemption to retain their homes, vehicles, retirement account savings, some real estate, and some personal property. 

The Chapter13 bankruptcy lawyers at the Philadelphia law firm break down the complexities associated with debt consolidation. They help clients create a plan for paying off their debts over a 3-5year time frame. A Chapter13 bankruptcy may stop a mortgage foreclosure and lower a client’s overall monthly expenses, allowing them to begin with a fresh financial start. 

Whether an individual is in collections for medical debt or wondering about how to pay their medical bills, they can consult Cibik Law, P.C. to explore all the available options, including bankruptcy, to secure a financial future. They have helped thousands of clients with hospital bills, doctor bills, and ambulance ride bills stop abuse from medical debt collectors, collection agencies, or third-party billing associations. Additionally, the law firm eases the financial burden of student loans off clients’ shoulders by finding solutions to improve their financial situation, including bankruptcy and repayment programs. 

Michael A. Cibik, the founder of Cibik Law, P.C., has been certified as a consumer bankruptcy specialist by the American Board of Certification for 23years consecutively. He has built a reputation in Philadelphia for having extensive knowledge in the field of debt consolidation and has served thousands of clients for over 40years. His commitment to service and high-quality client care has earned the firm many 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, awards, and recognition. 

With the knowledge that each type of bankruptcy filing has different requirements in Pennsylvania, Mr. Cibik reviews each client’s financial situation, future goals, and other needs to help them determine the type of bankruptcy that would meet their needs. To learn more about bankruptcy in Philadelphia, visit the firm’s website or call (215) 735-1060 to schedule a consultation. Cibik Law, P.C., is located at 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 900, Philadelphia, PA 19102, US.

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