Cutter Wheel Tree Experts Offers Stump Removal and Grinding Services for Philadelphia Homes

Many Philadelphia residents are concerned about the health and safety of their trees and homes as spring storms approach, as well as the mess that most Philadelphia tree removal services leave behind when sick or unsafe trees need to be removed. When homeowners are forced attempt stump removal by themselves after a tree removal service leaves it behind, taking down the tree appears to be a simple process.

The experts at Cutter Wheel who provide tree services are aware that removing a tree does not mean the task is complete until the stump is also removed. The business has specialized machinery that makes it simple to remove and ground up stumps, producing useful wood chip mulch. 

The Philadelphia-based company provides a range of options for stump grinding services, from straightforward stump grinding to cleanup grinding below ground level, and they also deliver premium topsoil and compost combinations for prospective tree or lawn installation. Additionally, Cutter Wheel transports sod year-round. The grindings can be cleaned up when the stump is removed, and new sod can then be laid. They also provide services including cleaning property, grading ground, and removing tree roots. 

Root Removal

This procedure, also referred to as root tracing, involves cutting up undesirable tree roots. Tree roots may need to be removed from landscaped areas, hardscaped areas (such as a driveway, street, or sidewalk), or from walls or foundations of buildings that have embedded tree roots. Tree root removal is a service that Cutter Wheel offers separately or in conjunction with stump grinding or stump removal. It is possible to locate and entirely remove both surface roots and roots below grade.

Sod Lawn Installation

It takes more than just a little elbow grease to install a sod lawn. Customers want to have confidence that the experts they engage for the task will take into account the various factors that can affect success because sod installation is an investment. Cutter Wheel likes to keep their customers updated on their procedure and progress because of this. When their specialists reach the customers’ property, they’ll start the following preparations:

  • Removing old grass and weeds in the soil
  • Amending the soil if necessary
  • Grading the soil so it’s level and drains well
  • Installing the sod with industry best practices

Stump Debris Cleanup

A pile of debris (soil and mulch mixture) around three to four times the size of the original stump is created during the grinding and removal of the stump. Cutter Wheel provides their customers the choice of clearing the site of the trash themselves or hiring them to do it as an extra service.

Land Grading & Leveling

Cutter Wheel staff personally inspect grades in customers’ landscaping and work with them to both meet local and grading codes and create the design they are looking for. Their landscape construction team is made up of professional, experienced, and licensed staff to suit customers’ landscape grading and leveling demands. 

When designing customers’ landscape, their staff carefully considers the geography, soil, water table, and other elements. To ensure that water run-off is effectively managed, they will take into account all the relevant factors as they design the appropriate slope, grade, or retaining wall.

Land Clearing

With their specialized, cutting-edge forestry equipment, Cutter Wheel can do any size task quickly and effectively. They can now meet customers’ deadlines as well. The personnel of Cutter Wheel, who collectively have over ten years of expertise, are their greatest strategic asset, not just their specialist equipment.

Their strategy leaves all organic material on the property as small particles of mulch. This permits the current root system to remain in place and prevents soil erosion because they don’t disturb the roots of the plant and tree material. This eliminates the need for risky site burns and/or expensive debris haul-off. The outcome is a method that saves money and is environmentally friendly, which ultimately improves the aesthetic appeal of customers’ property.

Stump Grinding

Customers won’t ever have to worry about tree stumps again thanks to Cutter Wheel’s selection of lightweight yet effective stump grinding machines. By using specialized machinery to reduce a tree stump to below ground level, stump grinding or stump “removal” ensures that there is no opportunity of tree regeneration. Before any work is done, the knowledgeable staff at Cutter Wheel will provide them advice on the best course of action.

Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, and a few locations in Bucks County are the main service areas for Cutter Wheel. Call them right now at (215) 495-4842 for a cost-free estimate. Visit their website at for additional information.

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