Teaneck, NJ – Davis, Saperstein & Salomon is a personal injury law firm that represents accident victims. They have handled many cases and have won several of them for their clients, making sure that their damages are compensated for. Aiming to reduce the frequency of accidents and injuries, the law firm has published a guide on the common winter injuries and tips to avoid them.

In the introductory part of the article, the law firm said: “Being in the Northeast, New Jersey and New York experiences their fair share of winter storms and freezing temperatures, thus increasing the risk of accidental injuries. However, most of these injuries are avoidable if those responsible for clearing, shoveling and salting ice and snow did their job timely and properly. When people suffer an injury caused by a slip and fall, they are often unaware of their legal rights. But make no mistake about it, if your fall was caused by the negligence of another person or business, you have rights to enforce.”

In the article, Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, noted that accident victims who suffer slip and fall injuries due to another person’s negligence are entitled to be paid for their medical bills, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as any future impairments.

However, avoiding injuries can save all parties involved, especially the victim, from the rigors of personal injury claims. The article recommends warming up and stretching before any activity as an average of 11 million Americans end up in emergency rooms each year due to snow shoveling. The attorneys recommend a proper warm-up and stretching before any activity, whether snow shoveling or skiing.

Their Ice and Snow Safety infographic also recommends that people wear appropriate clothing during the winter season. Appropriate clothing can help prevent frostbites, cold shocks, and other severe winter injuries. Other recommendations contained in the infographic include keeping floors dry and clear to avoid slips and falls and keeping hands free while outside to brace falls and prevent fatal injuries.

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, represent slip and fall accident victims and other personal injury accident victims. They deliver comprehensive and personalized legal help to clients as they navigate the process of claiming damages for their losses. Contact them via phone at (833) 651-0338 to schedule a free initial consultation meeting. For more information, visit their website or the office at 375 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, New Jersey 07666 United States.

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