Discover the Best Chiropractor and Weight Loss Center in Ashburn, VA: Empower Health Center

Ashburn, VA -Empower Health Center specializes in helping patients lose weight and relieve pain naturally. They use non-surgical treatments to restore patients’ bodies to optimal health, with therapies that are tailored to meet each patient’s unique health needs.

The clinic takes a comprehensive approach to patient care, conducting standardized assessments to accurately measure a patient’s health. They don’t make assumptions about a patient’s health and, instead, work with each patient to develop specific health objectives that will help them track their progress on the journey to recovery. 

The weight loss Ashburn VA center offers a combination of laser body contouring and natural weight loss products to assist patients in achieving their weight loss goals. Their laser body contouring is not only safe and effective but is also FDA-cleared. The treatment involves the use of six laser pads, with the optional inclusion of a face mask pad, to apply heat, leading to inch loss. The face pad helps to enhance skin tightness and smoothness. Each session lasts approximately 25 minutes, and patients at the clinic have, on average, lost 2.4 inches after the initial treatment. The length of the therapy varies based on the amount of weight patients wish to lose and how responsive their bodies are to the treatment.

Despite the heated light pads, patients experience no discomfort or burning sensations. Before the treatment, the clinic’s staff explains the process to patients and answers any related questions. After the therapy, patients feel energized and notice an improvement in their body tone. The clinic also offers a product kit that helps to accelerate the weight loss process. The kit includes Sea Synergy, Fire Starter, Cleanse, and Slim products that curb sugar cravings, improve vitamin absorption, manage thyroid glands, and regulate metabolism.

For its chiropractic treatments, the clinic offers treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including shoulder, neck, knee, and back pain, headaches, sciatica, and arthritic pain. The chiropractor Ashburn VA examines the spine to detect any misalignments, tension, or mechanical issues that may be contributing to pain or discomfort. They then realign the spine and body structure and unblock nerve pathways to facilitate clear communication between the brain and body.

Empower Health Center employs innovative technologies in chiropractic care to provide patients with optimal results. These include atomic spin technology, electromagnetic infrared therapy, and torque release technique. Pain is relieved through spinal decompression, advanced knee decompression, corrective functional exercises, and nutrition therapy. The clinic’s staff also provides patients with a nutrition plan and exercises to perform at home, promoting a more efficient healing process.

A quote from the clinic website stated this about their services, 

“We take your health seriously. That’s why we only provide advanced technology in chiropractic care and fat loss. Our goal is to develop all-natural programs to help you look good and feel your best. Our health is perhaps your most valuable possession, and we make sure to treat it as such..”

To schedule a consultation to help relieve pain or lose weight naturally, potential clients can call (571) 888-5045. Visit the center’s website for more information on its chiropractic care and weight loss programs. Empower Health Center is located at 43150 Broadlands Center Plaza Suite 154, Ashburn, VA, 20148, US. 

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