Expert Colles’ Fracture Treatment and Education from Strive Physiotherapy & Performance in Kitchener, ON, A Leading Physio Care Provider

Kitchener, ON – Strive Physiotherapy & Performance provides professional physiotherapy services for patients with a Colles fracture, with a focus on improving the range of motion, and reducing pain and inflammation, without the need for surgery or prescription medication. Their hands-on approach involves massage therapy and targeted exercises to alleviate symptoms and gradually enhance the patient’s quality of life. This service is available for patients who have undergone wrist surgery or those who have not.

The physio Kitchener specializes in treating patients who have sustained a broken wrist due to sports injuries, accidents, or other unfortunate events. They offer both in-person and online treatments customized to the patient’s specific health needs. The staff develops a personalized treatment plan using evidence-based clinical research and proven physiotherapy techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.

Their virtual physiotherapy service is tax-free and often covered by many insurance companies, providing a more cost-effective alternative to in-person sessions. Patients can easily connect with one of the clinic’s registered physiotherapists through any mobile device, who provides guided therapy sessions using helpful photos and video visuals. The physiotherapists offer step-by-step therapy instructions and conduct regular check-ins until the therapy goals are accomplished. Patients receive real-time feedback on the correctness of their exercise performance.

The clinic’s massage therapy for Colles’ fractures reduces scar tissue and swelling. The physiotherapist focuses on early rehabilitation to mobilize the wrist weeks after the fracture and as early as a week after surgery. The clinic recommends 6 Proven Exercises to Heal Your Colles’ Wrist Fracture. They include using a stress ball, chin-ups, and pull-ups based on the patient’s recovery stage, increasing the intensity as the sessions progress. They focus on improving the range of motion, strength, and grip of the fingers and wrist.

A quote from the clinic website stated this about their services, 

“Strive Physiotherapy & Performance is a physiotherapist-owned and operated clinic dedicated to providing great service and value.Our trusted team has advanced training and is constantly learning to ensure they’re the leader in service and results.We offer a wide variety of custom treatment services to relieve chronic pain, expand your range of motion, improve your quality of life and ensure we provide the choices and options that work best for you.”

Besides physiotherapy for Colles’ fracture, the clinic also offers physio for neck, back, and shoulder pain. They treat sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms of arthritis, sports injuries, and headaches. Some of their techniques include heat and cold therapy, cupping therapy, massage therapy, and exercises. 

To schedule a service, call the clinic at  (519) 895-2020.  Strive Physiotherapy & Performance is located at 260 Doon South Drive. Kitchener, ON, N2P 2L8, CA. Visit the clinic’s website for more information on their services.

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