Chatsworth, CA: Hillcrest Recovery offers four programs to people in recovery, which are meant to assist them in healing physically and psychologically. One of the first and the most important programs is the inpatient program, which is key in providing the right environment full of the right energy and dedication to change. The alcohol treatment center has tailored treatment methods, accommodation, and supportive staff. In addition to providing the right environment for healing, the program assists patients in eliminating crippling dependencies, overcoming past traumas, and providing a viable path for the patient to change to their best version of themselves. While the goals are the same for all patients, the process, time, and treatment approaches may vary in each case. 

The alcohol rehab Los Angeles also offers a detox program, ideal for addressing addiction’s physical component. This program’s primary goal is to cut dependency on the substance by first assessing the level of alcohol or substance in the system before creating a personalized detox program. For results, the center has an onsite MD and staff, which are vital in creating individualized detox plans and monitoring the progress. Since the progress varies from one patient to another, the center has put in structures and environments with qualified and experienced medical team supervision. As a result, toxins and chemical traces are removed from the body, paving the way for other programs to address the psychological aspect of addiction.  

The rehab center also has a program exclusively dedicated to family support, considering the relationships with family are often collateral damage in cases of addiction. Hillcrest Recovery is dedicated to assisting patients in mending family issues as part of the way out of addiction by using different approaches. For instance, the center offers the family the needed support as part of addiction therapy, such as assisting them in the intervention therapy. Also, the program is key in helping the family, and the patients mend their relationship in a structured space, where family members also get therapy as part of the program. 

The center also offers alumni aftercare, considering that patients may experience a challenge when re-integrating into society. It aims at assisting patients to have a smooth transition back to the community and positioning them for a long-lasting sobriety post the treatment. Each patient gets a dedicated case manager with different responsibilities, such as discussing long-term goals (with the patients) and better ways to integrate back into society. The committed case manager also assists the patients in finding qualified therapists, new employment, and mending relationships.  

Hillcrest Recovery is located at 19687 Los Alimos St, Chatsworth, CA, 91311, US. Clients interested in any program can contact the rehab center at (866) 767-7919. Visit the website for more information.

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