HostGenius Launches Revolutionary Platform for Hyper-Local Airbnb Hosting Partners

HostGenius introduces a groundbreaking platform for hyper-local Airbnb hosting partners in BC, streamlining the hosting experience with advanced software technology, 24/7 guest services, and professional photography.Ā 

HostGenius, a leading Canadian hospitality company, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative platform for hyper-local hosting partners in BC. Backed by the latest software technology, 24/7 guest services, and professional photography services, Host Genius is set to revolutionize the world of hospitality.

With Host Genius, Vancouver homeowners and property managers can become part of an exclusive network of hospitality professionals who offer world-class services to their guests. The platform provides a seamless experience for hosts and guests alike, with everything from booking and payment processing to cleaning and maintenance taken care of by the Host Genius team.

“Host Genius is dedicated to providing our partners with the best possible experience,” said Charles Mullany, CEO of Host Genius. “Our platform is designed to give hosts the tools they need to deliver exceptional service to their guests, while our 24/7 guest services support ensures that they always have someone to turn to if they need help.”

One of the key features of the Host Genius platform is its professional photography services. Hosts can book a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of their property, which are then used to create a stunning listing on the platform. This helps hosts to stand out from the competition and attract more bookings.

“We believe that everyone deserves a great travel experience, and that starts with a great place to stay,” said [Alex M], COO of Host Genius. “With Host Genius, we’re empowering hosts to deliver that experience, backed by the best software technology, 24/7 support, and professional services.”

Host Genius is now accepting applications from hosts in Vancouver, as well as across BC, with plans to expand to other Canadian cities in the coming months. To learn more about Host Genius and to apply to become a hosting partner, visit HostGenius is located at 318 Homer St Unit 501, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2V2, CA.

About Host Genius

Host Genius is a Canadian hospitality company that provides a platform for hyper-local hosting partners. Backed by the latest software technology, 24/7 chat-phone support, and professional photography services, Host Genius is revolutionizing the world of hospitality. With a focus on delivering exceptional service to guests and empowering hosts to succeed, Host Genius is changing the way people think about travel.

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