MicroSensor Launches MDM6000 Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitters

Baoji, China – MicroSensor, one of the industry leaders in sensor solutions, has announced the unveiling of the MDM6000 series of intelligent pressure transmitters to the market. This new product is said to utilize monocrystalline silicon composite pressure sensing technology. The company hopes to improve reliability and stability in the petrochemical sphere, petroleum, industrial gas, and medicine or food industry. 

According to MicroSensor, the MDM6000 series is highly accurate and rated at 0.075%, 0.1%, or 0.2% precision levels. As for stability, it’s long-term and rated at ±0.2% SPAN/5 years. With regards to multifaceted measurement, the MDM6000 series excels at differential pressure, determining the liquid level, densities, and the flow of liquids and gases.

MicroSensor has confirmed that the MDM6000 has improved output signal versatility. Its 4~20mA DC, HART interactive program, and industrial bus framework such as RS485-Modbus contributes to existing systems’ integration. 

“The MDM6000 is convenient and can be set easily, tested on pcs and portable devices,” says a MicroSensor spokesperson. “The MDM6000 series features a dependable, certified explosion-proof design. Its low-copper aluminum alloy composition ensures safe operation in toxic environments.”

There are many applications of the MDM6000 Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

According to MicroSensor, the MDM6000 series may come in handy in the fields of, 

  1. Petrochemical:
  2. Petroleum
  3. Oil & Gas:
  4. Pulp and Paper.
  5. Metallurgy:
  6. Food and Beverage:
  7. Medical Health:

After unveiling the MDM6000 series, MicroSensor has shown dozens of products within the same series. However, two MDM6000 series products are gaining the most market popularity. 

This MDM6000-GP-T/AP-T gauge/absolute pressure transmitter is capable of broad pressure measurement, with precisions starting at ±0.1%FS and going towards ±0.2%FS. It also features super-advanced monocrystalline silicon piezo-resistive technologies for accurate pressure calibration and differential pressure measurement. Finally, the MDM6000-GP-T/AP-T transmitter also boasts a 4~20mA DC signal output, remote setting, and monitoring capabilities, making it ideal for harsh process environments.

The MDM6000-DGP/DAP Intelligent Differential Pressure Mounted Gauge is another highly accurate and reliable pressure transmitter in the series, according to a MicroSensor spokesperson. The device boasts precision pressure calibrations ranging from ±0.075% to ±0.2%. Furthermore, it maintains a stability of ±0.2% SPAN over five years, with an impressive peak turndown ratio of 100:1.

“MicroSensor is developing high-tech solutions for sensing equipment, a commitment evidenced by the MDM6000 series. There is precision in the equation, reliability, and stability. In this regard, MDM6000 can meet the most demanding requirements of different industries.”

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