Nashville Furniture Store Shares Top Buying Mistakes

Nashville, TN – Buying a home is an exciting event for singles and families alike. Along with purchasing a new home, many people also choose to furnish their space with furniture and accessories. While this is the best way to ensure personalization and a sense of “home,” The Linen Duck, a boutique furniture store located just south of Nashville, TN (in the Columbia/Franklin area), says there are several mistakes many first-time buyers make that turn their dream home into a jumbled mess.

Buying furniture is something that many people breeze through with very little thought other than a love for a specific piece or style. However, as interior design services specialists from The Linen Duck explain, there’s much more to choosing furniture than liking the color or comfort. These experts recommend avoiding the following mistakes:

  • Buying all pieces at the same time. Instead of purchasing every piece for every room in a home, The Linen Duck recommends investing in core pieces first, getting those situated, and then filling in the blanks based on what the furniture actually looks like once it is in place.
  • Estimating measurements. It is almost impossible to tell how a piece of furniture will fit in a room by just looking at the room and then the piece of furniture separately. Even though a room may look like it will accommodate a large sectional, for example, it’s always best to take accurate measurements of both the room and the piece of furniture and sketch the layout to scale. The Linen Duck further recommends measuring the width of doorways and stairwell clearance to ensure the piece can move throughout the home.
  • Forgetting lifestyle factors. One of the first things an interior designer will do when helping a client plan their furniture is ask about lifestyle. Those who have children, for example, may prefer a sofa and chairs with removable cushions that can be washed. People who enjoy spending time watching movies together may find that plush, reclining furniture is a better option than firm, stationary pieces.
  • Not understanding maintenance. All furniture has to be maintained in some way. Wood tables, for example, must be cleaned regularly to remove moisture, which can cause warping and other damage.
  • Failing to factor scale. Scale is an important design element, but understanding how the size of a piece of furniture fits with other pieces in the room as a whole is also important. An oversized coffee table might be beautiful, but it can also restrict traffic flow.
  • Choosing style over comfort. All it takes is one visit to The Linen Duck boutique furniture store to see an array of beautiful and functional furniture. However, while most people want their homes to look nice, it’s never a good idea to choose style over comfort. This can lead to a lack of enjoyment in a space, which defeats the purpose of home.
  • Placing furniture against walls. There’s nothing inherently wrong with placing furniture against the wall. However, it’s not always the best option, and other layouts must be considered when making a furniture investment.

The interior design staff at The Linen Duck recommends that first-time furniture buyers take the time to get to know their space and their needs before making a purchase they might regret. Although this might mean sleeping on mattresses on the floor or picnicking in the kitchen for a few days, it’s best to make a wise decision from the beginning than to spend thousands of dollars on furniture that never gets used.

The Linen Duck is proud to serve Nashville, Columbia, Franklin, and surrounding areas with quality furniture and expert interior design services.

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