Bentonville, ARQC Kinetix (Bentonville) is offering non-invasive patient-centered regenerative medicine treatment in Bentonville. The clinic’s treatments offer alternative treatments to surgery for chronic pain and sports injuries. Their regenerative treatments include treatments for many conditions like knee, shoulder, leg, and arm pain, joint pain from arthritis, lower back pain, wrist and ankle pain, and pain from sports injuries, tendons, ligaments, and muscle pain. For knee pain, the clinic focuses on and offers regenerative knee pain treatment to reduce pain and improve mobility while reducing knee popping, cracking, and grinding. The Bentonville clinic also targets joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries common among athletes and other patients, and it also has treatments that help patients who experience joint pain due to arthritis. In addition to joint pain treatments, the clinic also treats non-sports-related musculoskeletal pain resulting from conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, or tendonitis, common in the nerves and tendons.

QC Kinetix (Bentonville) has an orthopedics team that offers Bentonville regenerative medicine treatments to their patients. The clinic uses advanced technologies and equipment to reduce pain and encourage healing without surgery. Their staff takes a patient-centered approach which develops positive relationships with patients during service delivery. The clinic representative had this to say about their service, “At QC Kinetix in Bentonville, AR, we pride ourselves on being the #1 regenerative medicine clinic in the area. Whether your pain is due to arthritis, osteoarthritis, repetitive movement, poor body posture, or injury, we can provide treatment to restore your mobility. QC Kinetix is here to help you find relief quickly, without going under the knife or having to take addictive prescription medications for the rest of your life.”

The regenerative treatments offered at QC Kinetix (Bentonville) help patients avoid the cost and long recovery period associated with surgeries. Their non-invasive procedures reduce pain and encourage healing in a safe and effective way. The clinic is focused on developing positive relationships with its patients, which increases patient satisfaction. Their regenerative treatments use modern technologies which improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

QC Kinetix (Bentonville) offers other services like a free consultation and personalized concierge-level service. During a consultation, clients’ health needs are assessed by one of the orthodontists who recommends useful treatments offered in the clinic. Their concierge-level service provides comfort for patients by providing all related services they need while getting treated. 

QC Kinetix (Bentonville) is located at 211 SE 34th St, Suite 3, Bentonville, AR, 72712, USA. For consultation and booking, contact their team by calling (479) 343-2588. Visit the company website for more information on their non-invasive, patient-centered regenerative treatments. 

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