Boise, ID – QC Kinetix (Boise) is a regenerative medicine treatment clinic in Boise, ID that addresses the needs of local residents who suffer from joint pain and discomfort. Using natural treatment therapies, they have been able to effectively address the common concerns reported by patients while also gathering positive results from patients who have been treated. The specialists’ natural treatment therapies are designed to provide an alternative to surgical procedures and their complications.

Each patient at the pain management clinic enjoys personalized care and treatment services. The Boise regenerative medicine specialists start off with a consultation where they learn as much as possible about the patient and their health concerns. Patients will also get a chance to ask questions about the procedures and treatment plans offered. During this consultation, the treatment specialists will also perform comprehensive tests to better understand patients’ condition, diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Patients will have access to personalized treatment that aims to address their painful and discomforting symptoms and the underlying issues that may be responsible for the symptoms.

Encouraging more people to watch their numerous patient testimonials and take action to improve their health and wellness, Scott Hoots, the clinic’s spokesperson, said: “If you need a pain treatment solution that doesn’t involve the expense, intense pain, and long recovery times of surgery, QC Kinetix’s regenerative therapies can help. Our treatments reduce pain and inflammation quickly, using the body’s cells to repair and restore injured tissue while strengthening healthy tissue. We have a fully staffed clinic in Boise, Idaho, with pain specialists who care about you and your recovery. When you contact our team, we will first assess your condition to determine if you are a suitable candidate for regenerative treatments and then formulate a custom treatment plan to deliver the best outcomes for you.”

QC Kinetix (Boise) attends to patients who suffer from knee pain caused by dislocated kneecap, knee bursitis, bone or cartilage breaks, gout, patellar tendinitis, previous injuries, excess weight, knee rheumatoid arthritis, and other causes. They also address the needs of patients suffering from shoulder pain, elbow pain, low back pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, finger and toe pain, hip pain, and others.

Boise, ID residents, can browse through the testimonial videos on QC Kinetix (Boise)’s website to learn more about how their treatment plans have helped countless locals reclaim control of their lives. Visit the pain management clinic at 9382 West Overland Road, Boise, ID, 83709, or call (208) 425-2747. For more information, visit their website.

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