Straight Shooter Game Fencing Shares Tips On Wildlife Conflict Avoidance

Tuscumbia, Alabama – It’s not unusual to find wildlife in residential areas. After all, deer, rabbits, and other animals seek the same food, safety, shelter, and predator protection that humans do. However, according to game fence contractor Straight Shooter Game Fencing, these animals can become nuisances to the humans with whom they are trying to share space. Avoiding conflict takes work, but it’s possible.

Wild animals often want to be in human spaces as much as people do. Unfortunately, residential areas are typically not safe for animals that can’t be contained. Likewise, wild animals can present danger to humans and domestic pets. For areas where high fence, game fencing, or agricultural fencing are not feasible, Straight Shooter Game Fencing offers these tips for home and business owners looking to harmoniously cohabitate with the original inhabitants of their land:

  • Animals should never be approached or fed. Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina have huge deer populations. However, as beautiful as these animals are, they should never be fed human food or approached. Animals should be enjoyed and watched from a safe distance.
  • Bird food should come in the form of native plants. Florida and Georgia have some of the greatest varieties of birds in the southern United States. As such, it’s not uncommon for people to want to watch them from their back windows. However, Straight Shooter Game Fencing recommends that homeowners plant native plants in their yards to attract birds instead of leaving the seed-based food, which can also attract other small mammals and rodents.
  • Homes should be properly sealed to prevent injury. Insects, rodents, lizards, and small mammals may seek shelter in attics, chimneys, and under decks and porches. These areas, along with crawl spaces, should be sealed up completely or wrapped in ¼ inch mesh to prevent entry without sacrificing airflow.
  • Domestic livestock should be protected. A fox does not know the difference between a wild chicken and a family pet. Poultry and other livestock should be kept in a protected pen or barn. At the very least, Straight Shooter Game Fencing recommends having an electric fence around the perimeter of a domestic animal’s exterior space. Further, all animal feed should be stored in an airtight container.
  • Trash should never be left unattended. East Tennessee and parts of the Georgia mountains are full of bears, and these animals are always looking for an opportunity to feast. They often do so in unattended, open garbage cans and dumpsters. These receptacles should never be left accessible.
  • Pets must always be under control. Domestic livestock are not the only types of animals that wildlife may interact with. Straight Shooter Game Fencing recommends using some form of game or agricultural fencing to keep dogs and cats safe and contained. Wooden fencing may also be used, particularly in residential areas where privacy is desired.
  • Keep alligators away with the right kind of fence. American alligators make their home in 10 US states, including Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. A fence is the only way to keep these reptiles out of a yard, and homeowners are encouraged to speak with a fencing contractor who understands proper installation methods.

Animals deserve to be on the land as much as humans do. Unfortunately, intermingling wildlife, humans, and domestic pets can become a problem for all concerned. Straight Shooter Game Fencing recommends the above conflict avoidance and resolution tactics as ways to continue to live peacefully in residential areas.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing offers game fence, agricultural fencing, high fence, and custom gates to landowners in  Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and more.

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