Tailored Legal Representation with Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers in Roseland: A Supportive and Client-Focused Approach

Roseland, NJ – While an accident is unpredictable, a victim’s ability to bounce back relies on a devoted personal injury lawyer’s insight who has their best interests in mind to get them the justice they deserve. At Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers, victims have a right to fight for their damages thanks to the knowledge, skills, and experience of a team of attorneys with a history of delivering results to personal injury lawsuits. They are not just attorneys but a support system who go above and beyond for each client and their unique case. 

Victims of motor vehicle accidents understand the frustration and distress that come with injuries, insurance company communication, hospital visits, or legal options. It’s not uncommon for people to appear well at the accident scene only to later find that they are in debilitating pain. For this reason, the attorneys represent victims of minor fender-benders and catastrophic crashes to give them a fair chance in court or during settlements/negotiations. They use medical/police reports and other accident information to help victims determine the value of a case based on property damage, hospital/rehabilitative care, lost wages, and emotional distress. They also educate clients about the impact of New Jersey law in a claim, common mistakes to avoid after an accident, steps to take while filing a claim, liability in an accident, negligence, and many more. 

Often, when construction workers suffer a work-related injury, their only remedy is worker’s compensation which partially takes care of their damages. However, when unsafe working conditions and third-party negligence cause an accident resulting in injuries or death, a victim or their family can file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit with Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers. The team thoroughly investigates an accident’s circumstances to uncover faults and litigate responsible parties like contractors, construction managers, property owners/tenants, or equipment manufacturers. They represent construction workers who encounter significant hazards resulting in falls, burns, shock/electrocution, crush injuries, repetitive stress disorders, and heavy machinery accidents. 

An injured consumer can recover damages for manufacturing, labeling, or design defects of auto parts, toys, appliances, chemicals, food/drinks, medical devices, cosmetics, or agricultural products. The New Jersey Product Liability Act (NJPLA) offers relief to product liability victims and controls claims/actions for misrepresentation, negligence, violations, and implied warranty. In defective product claims, an injury lawyer doesn’t have to prove the producer was negligent but demonstrate the defectiveness of a product and how it caused an injury. The attorneys at the Roseland location consult professionals in the specific field related to the product type to collect the evidence necessary to make a case. 

Whether representing individuals or families with deceased loved ones, Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers reduces the number of things clients must manage after an accident to ease their lives, navigate conversations with at-fault parties, and protect their rights. They also answer questions, complete insurance/court paperwork, find subject matter experts to testify in a trial, and offer constant case updates. To request a free consultation, visit their website or call (973) 364-8300. The law firm is at 101 Eisenhower Parkway Suite 2, Roseland, NJ, 07068, US. 

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