Weiye Aluminium Announces Plans to Develop Its Extensive Global Dealership Network Further

Foshan, Guangdong The Weiye Aluminium group has set forth a plan to significantly increase the reach of its operation by establishing working relations with respected dealers from all corners of the world, providing marketing, sales, and service training of aluminum profiles as part of their efforts.

For over 30 years, the Weiye Group has been at the forefront of China’s aluminum profile production industry. It has contributed to developing industries such as transportation, construction, new energy and more.

The Weiye Group umbrella comprises multiple branches, including Weiye Aluminium, Weiye Aluminium Furniture, and Weiye Doors & Windows. The group has been on a constant growth trajectory and now has four large-scale industrial bases. 

Regarding production capacity, the Weiye Group has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of extruded aluminum. The group has 65 extrusion production lines, 20 heat insulation product lines, 15 casting rod production lines, 15 powder coating production lines, 12 wood grain production lines, three fluorocarbon spraying production lines, and eight electrophoresis/oxidation production lines.

As the world increasingly becomes interconnected and interdependent, especially thanks to developments such as China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Weiye Group is seeking renewed and deepened collaborations with its partners in countries such as South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Uganda, Madagascar, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Belgium, Belarus, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and many more. 

As part of these efforts, Weiye invites potential dealers to join its network of international dealerships. The group targets applicants with the will, desire, expertise, human resources, and vision to embark on a long-term partnership that will live long into the future. Of course, this initiative will target players already in the aluminum supply industry, but they are willing to offer them support in numerous ways.

The Weiye Group has set up a dealer training program to help develop the skills and capacities of prospective partners, wherever they might be in the world. The training program comprises an onboarding protocol, sales training, and service training. Their sales training curriculum involves Request Analysis Training, Detailed Product Training, Quotation Proposal Training, Order Management Training, and Pricing/Sales Agreement Training.

Their service training regime is just as thorough and involves Field Preparation Training, Routine/Prevention Training, Troubleshooting/Maintenance Training, and Installation/Testing Training. 

Regular refresher and updating courses will be carried out throughout the lifetime of established partnerships. These will be conducted via different means to make it as convenient as possible for all parties involved. These include face-to-face meetings, online webinars, remote guidance, and more.

Companies are welcome to become part of the Weiye Group’s network of international dealerships. To learn more about the Weiye Aluminium Group, they can contact a representative at manager333@weiye-alu.com.

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By Arlene Huff

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