Plano, TX – An arrest in Texas is a traumatic experience, and most times, law enforcement uses aggressive interrogation methods to get the accused to say something incriminating. While law enforcement is trained to extract information from an individual during questioning, an experienced attorney helps prevent mistakes by advocating for their rights. Wilder Law Firm is on the mission of pursuing justice for individuals in Plano, whether they’re facing misdemeanors, traffic violations, or felonies. 

The law firm is under the leadership of Attorney Douglas Wilder, who understands the difficulty that comes with being accused of criminal charges. Together with his team of attorneys and staff, they use a personalized approach to representation using unique legal strategies that protect the rights of each client. Once they’re contacted after an arrest, the Plano criminal defense attorney meets with the client to go over their accusations before examining the evidence or building a court case. 

DWI offenses attract serious consequences requiring the services of a trial lawyer well versed in the DWI defense strategies. Wilder Law Firm represents individuals who have been interrogated, tested for sobriety, and taken to jail for first/second DWI, intoxicating assault/manslaughter, DWI with BAC .015 or higher, felony DWI, no refusal DWI, and parking while intoxicated. Attorney Douglas Wilder also represents clients accused of DWI with a child passenger, minor DUI, breath/blood test refusals, and challenging standardized sobriety tests. 

In Texas, family violence and assault cases are harmful to an individual’s reputation, since society views them as violent/unstable people. When these accusations threaten their freedom or personal lives, Wilder Law Firm intervenes to set the facts straight and tell the client’s side of the story. The attorney has fought for the future of his clients accused of child endangerment/abuse, domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault, or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Attorney Douglas Wilder also focuses on representing individuals accused of drug crimes in Plano. With the knowledge that drug crimes can influence a person’s career or prospects, the attorney puts his years of experience into representing individuals accused of possession of a controlled substance and drug manufacturing/delivery crimes. 

Attorney Douglas Wilder, the founding partner of Wilder Law Firm, began his legal career as a prosecutor where he handled thousands of criminal cases and taught police officers how to be more effective. He leverages his decades of experience defending people, especially the wrongly accused. For his dedication to service and passion for criminal law, he has been recognized by numerous legal associations and is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. 

To schedule a free consultation, call (214) 741-4000 or visit their website. Wilder Law Firm is located at 5600 Tennyson Parkway, Suite #290, Plano, Texas, 75024, US.

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