Gosford, NSW – A will outlines the wishes of an individual regarding the distribution of their property or care of minor children after they pass away. When a person dies without a will, their wishes can’t be carried out, which results in the heirs spending more money, time, and energy settling their affairs. While a document may not resolve any health/familial issues that may arise after death, a will gives the heirs some peace of mind and direction, easing their grieving process. 

Often, people think that only the wealthy or those with extensive assets need wills. However, Worland Family Lawyers is in business to demystify this myth by offering extensive services/guidance regarding wills, enduring power of attorney, and guardianship. The law firm comprises a team of solicitors, paralegals, and staff committed to helping clients understand family law in Australia. They take care of the legal processes of divorce, parenting agreements, consent orders, spousal/de facto/child maintenance, financial agreements, pets, or property/financial settlements. 

In New South Wales, 100% of an individual’s estate goes to their spouse and child of the relationship if they pass without a will which can be hectic if family dynamics are different. For this reason, the Gosford wills lawyers protect families, assets, and property while also offering counsel when a client is considering their final wishes. 

Worland Family Lawyers helps clients decide on a family member or friend to nominate to carry out their wishes for an enduring or general power of attorney. This person makes financial, health, living arrangements, and wealth management decisions for the testator when they’re unable to due to illness or disability. When the client is drafting their will, the lawyers ensure that their assets are distributed fairly during execution according to their wishes. 

In instances when a client has trouble picking a trustee of their will, the lawyers help them decide who to nominate based on their judgment, interpersonal skills, and management skills. With a drafted will, an individual can be clear about who gets their assets, whether property or money. It also keeps assets out of the hands of estranged relatives, identifies the guardians of children, saves the estate money on taxes, and prevents assets from going into the court systems.

Worland Family Lawyers is under the leadership of Janna Worland, a highly qualified and experienced solicitor with more than 30 years of experience practising family law. She’s passionate about helping families during their darkest periods and assisting them to transition to a healthier/happier family unit. She has previous experience practising in the Federal Circuit Court and family courts in NSW and interstate areas. As a trained mediator, she possesses advanced skills to handle sensitive matters with alternative dispute resolution, a key requirement in family law proceedings. 

To get started on drafting a will, call (02) 4323 2266 to book an appointment or visit the law firm’s website. Worland Family Lawyers is located on Level 1, Suite 4, 1-5 Baker Street, Gosford, NSW, 2250, AU. 

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